BIO Consulting Company was established by Ali Tanver YAZICIO─×LU at 18 June 2014 in Bursa. Bio Consultancy Company is the first consultancy company in Turkish Free Zones. Our Vision: To be the first choices of companies who wants to do new investment or expand their investment in Bursa region of Turkey. Our mission: * To avoid investors to deal with procedures. * Explain all advantages/disadvantages, incentives of Bursa with 13 Industiral Zones, Free Zone and Technopark * Use latest technologies * Providing quality service to contribute to the competitiveness and employment. * To ensure customer satisfaction with working continuously without limits Our Core Values: * Be Customer Focused * To provide right, good and affordable solutions for customer * Simplicity * Sincerity * Consistency Creating Value: * Efficiency and Productivity * Integrity, Reliability * Respect for People and the Environment Achieve together: * Team Spirit * Sincerity and Openness * Continuous Improvement (Technological and Regulatory)

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